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•  Exfoliate 24hrs before having your spray tan

•  Hair removal (shaving or waxing) should be performed 24 hours  before your spray tan

•  Remove all jewellery

•  Don't wear contact lenses whilst being sprayed

•  Do not use perfume, make up, deodorants or any moisturiser on the day  of your  

   spray tan as this may build up a film on your skin and prevent the tan from developing  correctly.  

•  Wear dark bikini, underwear if desired



   This may cause streaks or patches before tan has developed      


  • Avoid getting hands and skin wet for 8 hours after treatment

  • Do not re-apply makeup up to 8 hours after (mascara is ok)

  • Do not exercise up to 8 hours after

  • It is advisable to leave the spray tan lotion on your skin for a minimum of 8 hours, although it is  recommended to leave on as long as possible before showering.

  • You may sleep overnight in the lotion, however it may transfer to your bed linen our  lotion will wash out of cotton products but may not wash out of materials made up of man made fibres.

  • It is advised that you do not shave or exfoliate for as long as possible as this will remove the    tan

  • Avoid swimming in the days after treatment as the chlorine will remove it

  • Please note that spray tans do not contain an sun protection (spf)

 After Care Advice Your Spray Tan

Preparation Advice for your Spray Tanning

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